Techniques To Walk Your Dog In Your Apartment Community
Aug 1st, 2011 by andrew

Owning a dog can present its own set of challenges if you plan on living in an apartment community. And making sure you pet gets enough exercise can be problematic if your apartment home doesn’t have enough green space  But everyone must walk their dog  even in apartment homes that are not conducive to doing so. We have listed some tips that will teach you how to walk your dog safely in your complex.

What Are The Rules

The first thing is first, ask your landlord or apartment manager if pets are allowed in your community.  Are there any restrictions regarding what type of pet you can own? Many properties will have rules regarding pet weight and breed type.  Also some places on the community may be off limits to pets.

You might be lucky and have a dog park that is within walking distance your your place.  Be sure and ask your leasing agent where renters go to walk their pets.

Safety Is Key

Its very important to recognize your pets behavior.  Maybe your pet doesn’t like other animals, people, or children. You might have to avoid playgrounds and the pool area where many people congregate.  If your pet is aggressive towards other pets, then you will need to take the appropriate route to avoid them.

Of course a leash will solve most of the problems with excited and aggressive pets. It will give you the control of keeping your pet within a short distance of you.

Courtesy Is Not Underrated

Its always important to be courteous to others. Its possible other tenants won’t like your pet no matter how cute and sweet it is. Keep your dog away from the other renters unless your invited over.

Also don’t allow your pet to make a mess without cleaning it up. Read about leasing Garland apartments for rent and apartments in Rockwall TX

How To Organize Your Apartment Garage
Aug 1st, 2011 by andrew

We have listed some tips renters can use today if their apartment garage is a mess and is overflowing with your personal belongings.  If you simply assess all of your items  and how often you use them, you can organize your things and even have more space for your car.

Tools and Supplies

Shelving is one of the easiest ways to get your tools and supplies off the floor creating more space in your garage. Shelving is perfect to hang tools including saws and hammers on pegboards. And store smaller items in glass jars and place them on the shelves.

If you have any dangerous or hazardous chemicals, these need to be locked away in a cabinet.  If you have pets or kids, you want to make sure they don’t get into any of them.

Sports Stuff

Now assess all of your sports equipment. You probably will use a bike much more often than a pair of skis.  So hang your skis on the wall as you probably won’t need access to it as often as your bike and helmet. The latter two items should be in a more easily assessed place like the ground.

Have you thought about purchasing a ventilated storage bin? This is perfect for equipment that helmets and gloves that get moist and sweaty.  It allows more breathability and will increase the lifespan your your belongings.

Its not really a good idea to keep your sports equipment on the floor. Many renters simply prop their equipment on the wall.  Its easy for these items to fall over and ding a car door or even damage the equipment itself.  Read more about organizing your garage in your Las Colinas apartments and Dallas luxury apartments for rent.

Furniture Pieces That Serve More Than One Purpose
Jul 22nd, 2011 by andrew

If you live in a studio or smaller one bedroom apartment home, you might need to use every inch of space that you have. And if your apartment furniture can serve more than one purpose, you may get even more room.

If your need furniture pieces to play more than one role, this may give you more room to use for yourself.  And if your money is tight and you need furniture to go a long way, there are many great options.  Read more to find out some great tips that will show you what you should be looking for today.

Sofas That Play To Roles

If you don’t have enough space for a guest room, why not pick up a sleeper sofa that can serve both as a place to sleep and to relax comfortable. This is one of the most versatile pieces you can purchase.

Have you ever slept on a sofa that had a bar that contributed to some major discomfort?  Most sleeper sofas today have been built to give comfort to all different sizes of people today.

Beds That Offer Storage

Who cannot use a little more storage?  If your lacking space for your extra clothes and towels, there are some bed frames that can offer you some extra space for storage.  Some beds exist that have pull-out frames hidden underneath the mattresses.  They really can provide you with some much needed space for your apartments in Conroe TX.

Furniture Pieces For Small Apartment Homes

If you can find furniture that can provide more than one solution, you will be able so save some space. Its just a matter of using your imagination. Read more about leasing North Dallas apartments.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Apartment Living Room
Jul 22nd, 2011 by andrew

Cleaning your apartment home on a regular basis will make you feel better about yourself and about your home too.  Many times many common areas are prone to getting more dirty than some others.  We have listed some tips that are sure to help you keep your living areas clean and looking good.

Form A Routine

Especially if you live with other roommates, each person cleaning up after himself will contribute to a happy home. And the living room is one of these places that needs to look tidy.  A job board is one technique that renters use today.  Creating a list of the days and weeks each tenant is supposed to do his duties helps with any confusion who is supposed to do the vacuuming and dusting. It really depends on how quickly the mess accumulates.

Keep The Clutter Away

Does clutter seem to accumulate is many areas. Maybe your mail stacks up on the tables or newspapers create a big mess. Its your job to create something that will help you reduce the piles. If you remember that if you bring something inside, that you take it with you when you leave.  Place it in your closet or room.  When all the surfaces in your living room are clear, your space will seem larger and clean.

Are You Comfortable

You may not notice it now, but if you live in a clean Downtown Houston apartment home free of dust you will feel more comfortable.  As long as you make sure that you keep up with regular cleanings, you won’t come home to a living room that is stuffed with clutter.

Read more about leasing a Woodlands apartment home.

Do You Need A Self Service Move
Jul 15th, 2011 by andrew

Ever though about moving from your home but you don’t want to have to move all by yourself. Hiring movers sure can be expensive, but have you ever considered hiring a self service mover. Although this is not the same as hiring a full moving service, its not the same as moving by yourself either.

Having this type of happy medium benefits many renters who don’t want to spend the cash yet cannot move on their own entirely either.

Self Service Moving

Most renters think that they only have two choices when it comes to moving. They can either hire a professional moving service that will do pretty much everything on their own.  Or they can rent their own truck and pack all the boxes and move everything from point A to point B.  Its really a lot of work. And if you plan on moving in the middle of summer, you will be worn out.

But there is also a third option. Not many renters know about it and its a mix of the professional move and moving on your own.  This 3rd option is called the self-service move.

You will pack and load all of your belongings on your own, but you won’t to the driving. You will leave that up to the professional moving service.  If you can pack and move your boxes to the truck, the moving service will take care of the rest.

Some Facts You Need To Know

There are two options to choose from.

The company will deliver a trailer to your apartment home. They will leave the trailer for you. After you have loaded all of your belongings inside, they will come back and pick it up and take it to the next destination.  You will then unload everything.

The other type of options includes a container. You pack all of your items in a container and then it is stored in a facility until you need it. Read about leasing apartments in Kingwood and Kingwood apartments.

An Example of A Move Out Letter
Jul 2nd, 2011 by andrew

When you have decided that your would like to move out of your apartment home, you will need to give the appropriate notice to your landlord. Its just a matter of putting together a letter or not that states what your intentions are. We have put together a short letter that should help you put the final touches on giving move-out notice.

But be sure and read your lease contract, you will want to make sure that your letter contains the proper wording and documentation. That way you won’t have to worry about any confusion confounding the process. Be sure and include your date on the move-out letter and always leave a forwarding address.  If your breaking your lease, then you may have to take a few additional steps.

(Include Your Name and Your Apartment Address Here)


(Here you will include the apartment name/management company and their address as it appears in your lease contract)

Re: Move Out Notice

Dear (Include the property manager’s name)

This letter shall serve as my notification of move-out from my apartment home. As stated in my contract I must give (the number of days in advance of move-out) from the end of my lease.

I appreciate my time I have spend here in the apartment.

I expect that you will forward my entire security deposit to my  (leave your forwarding address) because I have left my apartment home in perfect standing.

If you need to contact me my (phone number and address again) after I have vacated my unit.


(your name here)

Be sure and follow up with a phone call. This is just something courteous that your landlord may appreciate. Read more about leaving your Midtown apartments Houston and Houston Downtown apartments.

How To Find The Perfect Apartment For You
Jun 29th, 2011 by andrew

Not really sure where to start to find the perfect apartment home you have been searching for. Many renters certainly have an idea in their head of exactly what best means to them. We have included some tips that should help you get started in finding an apartment that is perfect for you.

Know Your Lifestyle

Before you know what apartment fits you, start with yourself.  Ask yourself how your particular lifestyle will affect the apartment that you will need? Do you prefer a quiet apartment home will a small amount of units, or do you want to be near some exciting nightlife and entertainment?  Some renters are out of their apartment home so much they just need a place to lay their head at night.

Here are some items that will affect the apartment home you will consider.

Your Work: How much work do you and how far away from work do you want to live?  If you live in a major metropolitan area, can you take public transportation?

Square Footage: How much space do you need? If you can fit all of your belongings in a efficiency, you might be able to save some extra money each month.

Kids: If you have kids you might want them to attend a certain school or school district.  Also is there a playground or safe place they can play nearby?

Animals: Are you planning on bringing any pets with you? Some apartments in The Woodlands TX homes will have nearby dog parks. Also all apartment will have some sort of pet policy. So be sure and ask.

Read more about leasing apartments in Katy TX

Why Did I Receive An Eviction Notice
Jun 29th, 2011 by andrew

Receiving an eviction notice will surely upset your day. And chances are you probably knew it was coming. But if you did receive one you will need to act fast. Most of the time the landlord is within their rights to evict your from your apartment home. However, some times your landlord may not be legally allowed to do so. We have provided some insight that may assist you as your prepare to navigate the delicate waters of an eviction.

Different Types

While an eviction will force you out of the apartment, there are a number of different reasons why you might receive one. It might be that you violated some terms of the lease which might include destruction of property or late payments.  But all landlords will have the option not to renew your lease.  They are within your rights and it doesn’t matter if you have lived there 6 months or 6 years.  We have listed some general eviction rules that landlords should abide by.

What A Landlord Needs To Do

The landlord usually has to show just cause for an eviction. They just cannot simply through you out because they don’t like you.  You must have somehow violated clauses in your lease.  Usually there will be a lawsuit filed in a local court and then the eviction notice will follow. It might be stamped on your door of your Houston Heights apartments or put in your mailbox.

Do I Have Any Rights

Tenants have a number of rights when it comes down to contesting an eviction.  If you do receive one contact an attorney or even your local rent board. Remember not to panic. Most of the time if you pay your rent on-time and don’t break any lease clauses, you won’t receive a notice.

Read more about leasing Houston Downtown apartments.

Mistakes To Avoid When Moving
Jun 22nd, 2011 by andrew

When your moving to a new apartment home you will surely have your work cut out for you. You simply need to find a place that will make you happy and move all of your belongings from one point to another. If you want to make your move as smooth as possible and avoid common mistakes, you will want to follow these steps below.

Don’t Overspend

You really need to sit down and write down exactly what you afford to spend on your move.  If you plan on moving yourself you will just need to figure the cost of a truck. But hiring movers and a packing service can certainly add up.  Remember not to just hire any mover. Take some time and do your research.

Buy Insurance

Having insurance during your move will provide you with the piece of mind your need to cover any damage or lost to your personal items. There are many different types of plans. But its up to you to assess the value of your things.  Of course movers do carry minimum insurance. But is it enough to cover all of your things?  Be sure and check with your mover to get the exact dollar amounts.

Don’t Rely On Online Estimates

Don’t rely on an online quote you received through a website.  Your mover will need to see all of your belongings before they can give you an estimate thats accurate.  After you do receive a final amount you want to make sure there is no way that number can increase.

And avoid paying a deposit for your move. All the details will be outlined in a contract. So spend your time reviewing the details. Can things like fuel and packing increase your estimate.

Look to lease apartments in Houston Heights and Upper Kirby apartments Houston

How To Tell Your Roommate Your Leaving
Jun 21st, 2011 by andrew

If your living with a roommate; at some point you will have to tell them that your moving out.  And this is normally not the easiest aspects of a relationship, especially when your actions may force them to move out to. This can create stress for both you and your roommate.  But if you plan it right, it can be pretty easy and there won’t be any hard feelings for anyone. You just want to make sure its done in a respectful manner. We have listed so tips that you can use to tell your roommate your leaving.

What To Say

It really depends on your current relationship with them.  If you are on good terms with them, just let them know in person that its time that you go.  But if you and your roommate are not on the best of terms, you might want to use an alternative method. Its not so bad to do it over a text message or even an email. Its a pretty indirect method and if your afraid of confrontation, this can be used.

When You Should Tell Them

All lease contracts have a 60 or 30 day notice. So you would want to do it before your required notice.. You also want to give them plenty of time too and this is the respectful way too.

What Should I Tell Them

It really depends why your moving out. If your reason for moving out of your Westchase apartments Houston has nothing to do with your roommate then tell them the truth. However, if your roommate is bothering you or presenting problems, then telling them might infuriate the situation. But in the end it really is up to you.

Read more about leasing apartments in Houston Heights.

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